• Protective wear for your pet is about helping you and your pet with his or her urine issues in your home and for the active dog when they need to be seen or protected from the elements
  • Our diaper wrap will help keep your pet covered so that you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to spend the evening after a long day at work shampooing your carpet or cleaning your wood floors due to urine messes.
  • Our diaper wrap will securely hold a diaper in place so there will be no need to kennel your pet during the day while you are at work (unless it is for the safety of your dog.)
  • We also make a reflective jacket / coat that will help motorist and if out hunting, to be seen by hunters.
  • Our hunting vest will cover the underbelly of your dog to protect from nature's elements and other debris like barb wire.
  • Remember the search and rescue dogs also need to have protection on their underside to keep them from getting cut up while doing their jobs.

Redesigned fit for long xsmall dogs

IE -
Yorky's, Maltise, Morkie, Italian Greyhound and more...
* Please measure your dog for accurate sizing

xsmall long dog diaper wrap

........Small sized dogs.
.......... ............
SMALL DOGS Dog Diaper Wrap
7 pounds to 14 pounds
* Please measure your dog for accurate sizing.

Medium sized dogs.. Medium DOG Diaper
Wrap fits a pet between
20 pounds to 30 pounds

* Please measure your dog for accurate sizing.


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Protective Wear for Pets

Have you ever felt the frustration of housebreaking a puppy? Have you been hesitant to bring along your dog on hunting trips or other outdoor activities because of potential harm to your pet as it runs around freely? As a pet owner, the security and comfort of your dogs is one of your greatest priorities. You care deeply for the furry members of your family, and you want to protect them. DOGonGEAR launched with a mission to offer unique protective pet clothes for the beloved four-legged creatures in your life at great prices. With DOGonGEAR, you can finally have some peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your pets and home!

We have excellent products that provide simple solutions to your unease. We have designed specially made housebreaking puppy wraps that are comfortable for your pet to wear as your puppy goes through housetraining. Our washable pet diaper wraps were created exclusively to let your pet roam your home comfortably without constant worry of messes or damage to floors and furniture. Our exclusive line of hunting dog vest protects the entire length of your dog’s neck, chest and belly from scratches or skin irritations encountered in the natural environment it explores. You will be able to take your dog on your next outdoor adventure and keep its sensitive belly safe. If safety and usability are on your mind when selecting proper dog wraps and dog security jackets, our products are for you. We take great pride in our patented high-quality dog apparel and accessories, and we hope to keep your pup safe and your apprehension at bay!