Tom is with the organization (Pheasants Forever). He uses the DOGonGEAR prototypes, along with his hunting friends when they pheasant hunt. He has been testing my products for the last 2 years. His dog below is Bill (RIP). Bill loved hunting pheasants and the underbelly keeps his chest, rib cage and underbelly from getting cut up, and scratched up from the tall grass, weeds and any other debris that Bill would encounter while he was running. This is Will and he take a hunting vest with him on his job. Several of his customers have hunting dog and he will give them to his customers as a promotional gift. Thank you Will C. for your support with our product.

This is Brian. He has 3 large dogs. 2 Australian Shepherds and Rudy, a rescue German Shepherd.
He helps me when ever he can. Thank you Brian for your support.

Tom has always been a supporter for DOGonGEAR. We really appreciate our loyal hunters.