Protective wear for your pet
Let your pet roam freely in your home


To make DOGonGEAR Pet Diaper Wrap comfortable for your pet and easy for you, the owner, to use quickly and with ease.

Who We Are

We are small business owners. My name is Dawn and my husband and I with our children, created the DOGonGEAR Pet Diaper Wrap. We now are a patent approved product!

I have a love for animals.

January 1, 2008, we brought home a new puppy, Sammy. He was so small. That year, we had a lot of snow on the ground and Sammy, who is very white, would get lost in the snow. I decided to try having him use Pee-Pads. I placed them in containers so he could jump into the container and do his business. He was very good at it and it worked. As spring approached, and the snow started melting, I tried again to train him to go outside. He was still very small and the potty training seemed to be going ok.

What we didn’t notice, was that Sammy was marking every corner in our house. No matter what we did, he continued to mark. I had new carpet and it was getting ruined. I needed to do something.

I decided to use diapers on him so I went to the store to buy pet diapers. Instead I bought baby diapers because I could get more for my money. I just altered the diaper for Sammy’s tail. I also added a pad in front for added protection and to make sure no pee-pee went on my furniture. Sammy was able to wiggle out of the diaper in about 2 minutes.

I tried using onesies to hold the diaper in place, he would walk out of them with the diaper inside of the onesies, I also tried other products on the market, but he would find his way out of those too.

I used to sew all the time when my kids were little, so I got my sewing machine out of the closet and started to sewing different style of wraps. It took me several designs until I finally had it done. I finally made a wrap that would hold his diaper in place and not wiggle his way out.

This is how the DOGonGEAR Pet Diaper Wrap came to be. I finally created a diaper wrap that Sammy could not wiggle out of or chew off. I also had to make them comfortable so that he would not mind wearing them.

Well now he has free roam of the house. He still goes outside to do his main business, when he comes back in, I put the diaper wrap back on him and he can be free to go where he wants in our home. I know Sammy is happy and so am I. I am not cleaning my carpets all the time.

About the DOGonGEAR Dog Hunting Vest (Underbelly Protection)

I started on this journey in 2012. In December, I attended a Hunting / Fishing / Boat & RV expo in Omaha NE. I was displaying the DOGONGEAR Pet Diaper Wrap. We displayed an idea of a vest and jacket. We had hunters coming over to explain their pet’s needs for hunting. I made a few vest and had some hunters try them out. I was pretty green at that time and the vest was not that good. Soon I improved the design and the DOGONGEAR DOG HUNTING VEST underbelly protect was created. We applied for the patent at that time.

I was not actively selling the vest because the DOGONGEAR diaper wrap keep me pretty busy with all the sewing and traveling I was doing. I traveled all over the United States promoting the (at that time it was called SammyDoo Pet diaper Wrap). During that time we had to do a halt because we had to change our product name. This took quite a bit of my time along with the sewing of the Diaper Wrap.

To bring us forward, I have been having the hunters do extensive testing on the hunting vest to get improvements and to make the fit just right. Tom Hamilton (Tom is a member of Pheasants Forever) liked the new changed, our patent has been approved by the US Patent office and we are now ready to go forward with this project.

I always like the feedback from the hunters. This vest has been tested by a SEARCH and RESCUE trainer. So I am excited to promote for this use also.

I look forward to hearing from you.