Doug Cherry, MI

I am write to let you know what a great product your dog protective vest is. Last year while Goose hunting my Springer Spaniel Brandy tried to jump over some dead fall, unfortunately she was unable to clear the top of the branches and one of the pointed ends caught her directly in the chest. The stick was hard enough that it knocked her backwards onto the ground. Thankfully she was wearing one of your vest and she sustained no physical injury. She stood up, shook it off and went right back to hunting. That vest saved her from injury or possible death. Thank you for making such great durable product.

All my dogs now wear them when they hunt.

Louis S. Puerto Rico

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your product is a real life- changer! We are now able to love 💕❤️our dog instead of resenting the way he made the house smell! We put it on him at night. The first few nights he shivered with it on, but now he even comes over to us at bedtime so we can put it on him. (this from a dog who will not let us cut his nails). Chewy loves it and we do too. Thank you and God Bless You!

H. White

Forest Ecologist

Colebrook, Connecticut

Love these vests. Riley (my 2YO GSD) has put his through hell and it is standing up very well