About Us

We are a small family business. It was originally set up to design, produce and market dog diaper wraps. We patented this product, and put it on the market under the brand DOGonGEAR. The product afforded (it still does) unmatched comfort for the dog, and utter convenience for their guardians. Thus, it was well received.

Greatly encouraged, we expanded to address our other deep concern—the safety of the dog. The result was our Dog Hunting Vest UnderBelly and Chest Protection. This product affords unparalleled protection for the vulnerable parts of the dog’s body, namely, the chest, underbelly and genitals. Whether you go hunting, searching and rescuing, exploring the wilds, or simply hiking in the country with your faithful companion, this product lets you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that he or she is well protected. Like the diaper wrap, this product is also patented.

If you have bought any of our products, we thank you very much. If you are satisfied with them, we would appreciate it a lot if you put in a good word or two where it matters. We also welcome suggestions for improvements. Your valuable support will help us to create more products for the comfort and safety of the extraordinary species that both you and we love a great deal.

Dawn Howell
Managing Partner

How it began

On January 1, 2008, I brought home a new puppy, Sammy. He was so small and all white. That year, we had a lot of snow on the ground, and Sammy would be indiscernible in it due to his color.

I decided to try having him use pee-pads. I put them in a container so he could jump in and do his business. He was very good at it, and it worked. As spring approached, and the snow started melting, I trained him to go outside. He was still very small, and the potty training had, or so I had thought, gone well.

What we didn’t notice was that Sammy was marking behind our living-room furniture and anywhere he thought I wasn't looking. I had new carpet, and I was tired of cleaning everyday.

I decided to have baby diapers on him, they being so much cheaper than those meant for dogs. And you got 30 diapers per pack instead of 18. I altered the diaper to accommodate his tail, and added an adult pee-pad for added protection.

Sammy quickly wriggled free off the diaper, and chewed it. Dangerous and messy. I cut a hole in a baby onesie, but the diaper moved around and the onesie would be soaking wet. Then I tried several name brands and generic products on the market. Most were too flimsy, and the diaper would move and the product would get soaking wet. Then he would squirm around a stick of furniture, and the diaper would be sitting on the floor. Of course, he would be excited that he had got them all off.

I sewed when my kids were little. So, I started designing and sewing different styles of wraps. I came up with several designs before I finally made a wrap that would hold Sammy’s diaper in place and be comfortable for him to wear all day and night.

Sammy still goes outside to do his business. When he comes back in, I replace the diaper and wrap on him. The peace of mind knowing I will not have a pee mess makes me happy. Sammy is happier, because we have more time for playing.