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DOGonGEAR Dog Hunting Vest Undebelly and Chest Protection.
A) Place collar on pet. Please note, you can use
any collar or use the generic collar provided.

B) Slide first strap through black slide then wrap strap over top of pet. Do same for second strap
Cut strap to fit your pet. Make sure to leave stitching to prevent fraying.

C) Chest shield. Cut lines have been provided on the chest shield. Please make sure you cut on
the inside of the stitching to prevent fraying.

D) Cut line are provided on the elastic connecting the chest shield to the underbelly shield.
These cut lines go all the way to the underbelly shield.

E) There are cut lines on the underbelly shield. Please cut on the inside of the cut lines to avoid any part of
underbelly from fraying.

F) A strap has been added to prevent the back strap from falling off dog. This is an optional item.

dogongear dog hunting vest instructions