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Do you have a senior dog or a new puppy? Does your dog pee on your carpet, hard wood floors, or mark your furniture? Do you have a friend that brings their dog along with them when they visit? First thing that happens, the dog will pee on the floor to mark their new territory. This is NORMAL dog behavior.


DOGonGEAR has the solution for you.
The DOGonGEAR Dog Diaper Wrap . Our dog diaper wraps will securely hold a diaper or pee pad in place, so your dog will not be able to chew the diaper, or use other techniques to get the diaper off. Using our dog diaper wrap, you can be sure that your floors will stay clean giving you peace of mind knowing you won’t have a dog puddle to clean up. You can use all types of diapers with our wrap; baby diapers, dog diapers, or adult pee pads.

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