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Measuring Your Dog for Hunting Vest Purchase Bird Dog Hunting Vest

Hunting Armor - Providing the ultimate in protection for your faithful hunting partner!

Dog Hunting Armor
(Dog Underbelly and Chest Protection)

Keep your greatest, most faithful hunting companion safe at all times with this patented product. With ample 3M reflective strips on high-visibility safety orange. So he can be readily seen by other hunters and motorists even in low-light conditions. Made of heavy, highly-durable oxford fabric to protect the vulnerable parts of your companion’s body—the chest, belly and genitals—against any injurious objects on the ground. And, being waterproof, from suffering skin irritation that may be caused by water on the ground. Fully adjustable to suit any body structure. Carefully made to last and last.
Indestructible Armor for S&R (Search and Rescue)Dogs

Our Dog Hunting Armor is eminently suitable for Search and Rescue Dogs as well. It affords the vulnerable parts of their bodies total protection as they climb, jump and crawl. Setting your mind free to concentrate on helping them to help you to save precious human lives.

*All DOGonGEAR products are patented with the US Patent office.